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Torapp guilloche designer

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Post  guilloche on 5/4/2012, 11:24 pm

Torapp guilloche designer is a vector graphics editor for security printing. It is the first web application as CAD software and arguablely first full-featured desktop application as a web page.

Torapp guilloche designer Rosett10

Torapp designer is cross-platform and runs inside Chrome 16 and above. Users need to turn on the native client flag by typing "chrome://flags" in address bar before lauching the application.

Object Creation
The basic objects in torapp guilloche designer are:

Fourier Series
Bezier curve
Parametric curve
Filler-curves to fill the gap between two boundary curves.
Piecewise Curve
Copy-the duplication of a group of objects in user-specified way.

Object Dependency
Objects in torapp vector designer can depend on other object. Eg. an ellipse depends on function SIN (sine) and a filler can depend on an ellipse. Any adjustment of the ellipse will change the filler and modifications of function SIN will affect the filler and all ellipses.

Object Manipulation
Parameters for every object in the drawing can be updated and any graphic object is subjected to arbitrary affine transformations—moving, rotating, scaling, skewing and a configurable matrix. Additionally, any filters can be applied to objects of Parametric curve, Envelope (mathematics), filler and copy.

Flexibility via unification
Fourier series, multi-variable function and bitmap are unified as general function; any graphic item (including Bezier curve) or two general functions are treated as a general curve. Many parameters for guilloche or filter can be any general curve/function.


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